TAMPA, FL – Devin Dixon of Apollo Beach, FL won a thrilling 50-lap Newsome Raceway Parts Crate Racin’ USA Dirt Late Model Series Winter Shootout race on Saturday night as a part of the 44th Annual East Bay Raceway Park Winternationals.  Dixon led early and late driving the CURS Capital Race Car to the $5,000 victory in a race that saw five lead changes.


Dixon battled throughout the race with Jeremy Shaw of Millport, AL in the Bud Coley Trucking Barry Wright and Max Blair of Centerville, PA in the Murphy Logging Rocket, who all took turns leading the race.  Dixon dusted off the top shelf in the second half of the race and sailed to a full straightaway margin of victory after leading a total of 27 laps.


“The track was great tonight and we could race all over the place, but I finally settled for the top groove and hoped I didn’t jump the cushion and get into the wall,” Dixon said.  “I’ve got a lot of people to thank for this win tonight, especially my car owner Jeff Mathews for letting drive this car this weekend.”


Shaw led the race for 21 laps, but had to settle for second, and Blair led two laps and finished third.  Travis Varnadore of Plant City, FL drove the Varnadore Racing Barry Wright to a fourth-place finish and Keith Nosbisch of Valrico, FL was fifth in the Adams Used Auto Parts Rocket.


Drew Kennedy of Lancing, TN started 16th in the Schubert Monument Sales Rocket and finished sixth to earn the Knowles Race Parts and Bodies Hard Charger of the Race Award.  Dixon’s teammate and car owner Jeff Mathews of Brandon, FL took the seventh spot in the CURS Rocket.


Bruce Harvey of Plant City, FL was eighth in the Fat Daddy Rocket and Joseph Joiner of Milton, FL finished ninth in the Hunt The Front Capital.  Clay Harris of Jupiter, FL rounded out the top ten in the Dunnrite Construction Rocket.


In preliminary action, Mathews out-timed the 47-car field in Group Qualifying with a lap around the 1/3-mile Clay By The Bay in 15.428 seconds.  The four ten-lap KRC Power Steering Heat Races were won by Dixon, Blair, Harvey and Shaw.  The two 12-lap B-Main Races were won by Harris and Todd Cooney of Pleasant Hill, IA in the Spangler Automotive Mastersbilt.


When Honorary Starter 80-year-old Ronnie Luckock began the race waving the green flag with the Luckock Shuffle, Dixon came from the third starting spot to take the lead followed by Shaw, Nosbisch, Walker Arthur of Forest, VA in the Cecil B. Arthur Beef Farms Kryptonite and Blair.  Shaw moved up to battle Dixon side-by-side for the lead on lap six.


Shaw got a run on Dixon going down the backstretch on lap seven and took the lead going into turn three.  By lap nine, Shaw had pulled out to a five car-length lead over Dixon.  Shaw and Dixon caught the cars on the tail of the lead lap by lap ten.  Steve Mathis of Plant City, FL brought out the first of five caution flags when he stalled the ATP Trucking Barry Wright in turn three.


Behind Shaw, Dixon, Nosbisch, Arthur, Blair, Joiner, Harvey, Freddie Carpenter of Parkersburg, WV in the Nevin Gainey Race Cars Kryptonite, Bo Slay of Milton, FL in the Slay’s Mobile Home Service Longhorn and Pierce McCarter of Gatlinburg, TN in the Parkway Liquor Store Longhorn doubled up for the Dixie-Style Double-File Restart. 


When the field went back to green flag action, there were wholesale position changes.  Dixon passed Shaw for the lead after the restart in turn one, and Blair moved up to the third spot as was on the move.  Blair got by Shaw for the second spot on lap 17 in turn two, and then got inside Dixon on lap 18 to take the lead going down the backstretch. 


Carpenter spun in turn two on lap 20 to light up the yellow caution bulb for the second time in the race.  Blair led Dixon, Shaw, Nosbisch, Arthur, Joiner, Harvey, Cruz Skinner of Oxford, AL in the Skinner’s Body Shop Rocket, Slay and Varnadore down for the restart. 


Blair slid up the banking in turn one and Shaw took the lead.  Blair recovered to settle into second while Dixon and Arthur battled side-by-side for third.  The third caution flag of the race came out on lap 27 when Randy Weaver of Crossville, TN stalled the B&M Concrete CVR in turn four. 


The top ten for the restart was Shaw, Blair, Arthur, Dixon, Harris, Nosbisch, Varnadore, Joiner, Kennedy, and McCarter.  Joiner spun while running eighth to bring out the fourth caution flag.  Shaw led Blair, Arthur, Dixon, Harris, Nosbisch, Harvey, Kennedy, Hunter Sweet of Lake City, FL in the Roundtree Ford Kryptonite, and Varnadore down for the restart.


Dixon dusted off the top shelf of East Bay Raceway Park and ran the high groove against the wall while battling Arthur for the third spot.  Nosbisch got by Harris of fifth on the restart.  Arthur brought out the final caution flag with a spin in turn one while running fourth.


Business picked up on the restart, as Shaw, Dixon and Blair went into turn one three-wide.  Dixon sailed round the outside of Blair and Shaw to take the lead, and Blair got underneath Shaw for second.  Shaw got back around Blair for second on lap 34, but by then, Dixon had packed his bags, turned in the key and checked out on the field.


Dixon caught some lapped traffic by lap 39, but he cut through the lapped cars like a hot knife through butter.  Dixon had some near misses threading the needle through lapped traffic, but the bold moves kept Shaw and Blair a full straightaway behind him during the last ten laps of the race.


The final Winter Shootout Race for the Newsome Raceway Parts Crate Racin’ USA Dirt Late Model Series will be a $5,000-to-win 60-lap event on March 15 at Cochran Motor Speedway in Cochran, GA.  McCarter holds a two point lead over Skinner going into the Winter Shootout finale.


For more information and rules about the Newsome Raceway Parts Crate Racin’ USA Dirt Late Model Series, visit the series web site atwww.crateracinusa.com, or visit the series on Facebook at Durrence Layne Racing.  You can follow us on Twitter @DurrenceLayneRacing. 




POS       STRT    CAR #   DRIVER                             HOMETOWN                  
1.            3             313        Devin Dixon                      Apollo Beach, FL            
2.            1             38           Jeremy Shaw                    Millport, AL                     
3.            4             111        Max Blair                          Centerville, Al                 
4.            8             41v        Travis Varnadore            Plant City, FL                  
5.            5             02           Keith Nosbisch                 Valrico, FL                       
6.            16           K37       Drew Kennedy                  Lancing, TN                     
7.            9             33           Jeff Mathews                    Brandon, FL                     
8.            2             27           Bruce Harvey                   Plant City, FL
9.            13           10           Joseph Joiner                   Milton, FL
10.          18           6             Clay Harris                       Jupiter, FL
11.          21           15           Hunter Sweet                    Lake City, FL
12.          10           17c         Freddy Carpenter            Parkersburg, WV
13.          12           95           Steve Mathis Jr.                              Plant City
14.          23           11           Cruz Skinner                    Oxford, AL
15.          22           17           Nevin Gainey                    Fort White, FL
16.          15           71           Pierce McCarter                             Gatlinburg, TN
17.          11           2             Bo Slay                               Milton, FL
18.          20           41           Jim Couch                         Hamilton, OH
19.          24           66k        Jody Knowles                   Tyrone, GA
20.          17           30           Todd Cooney                     Mount Pleasant, IA        
21.          19           29           Daniel Woody                   Plant City, FL
22.          7             87           Walker Arthur                 Forest, VA
23.          6             116        Randy Weaver                 Crossville, TN
24.          14           66           Jake Knowles                   Rome, GA          


FAST QUALIFIER:  Mathews, 15,428 Seconds
PROVISIONALS:  Skinner and Jo. Knowles
LEAD CHANGES:  5 Among 3 Drivers
LAP LEADERS:  Dixon, 1-6; Shaw, 7-15; Dixon, 16-17; Blair, 18-19; Shaw, 20-31; Dixon, 32-50
LAPS LED:  Dixon, 27; Shaw, 21; Blair, 2
KNOWLES RACE PARTS HARD CHARGER:  Kennedy (started 16th and finished 6th)
NEXT RACE:  March 15, 2020 Cochran Motor Speedway, Cochran, GA $5,000-to-win, 60-Laps




GROUP 1:        
1 6 Clay Harris Jupiter, FL Rocket 15.712
2 17 Nevin Gainey Fort White, FL Kryptonite 15.881
3 87 Walker Arthur Forest, VA Kryptonite 16.091
4 2 Bo Slay Milton, FL Longhorn 16.428
5 27s Derrick Shaw Buckhannon, WV Rocket 16.497
6 313 Devin Dixon Apollo Beach, FL Capital 16.532
7 11m Megan Rae Tampa, FL Rocket 16.537
8 71 Pierce McCarter Gatlinburg, TN Longhorn 16.591
9 02 J.C. Wilson Milton, FL Longhorn 16.698
10 38p Trey Pearson Callahan, FL Rocket 16.725
11 15 Jeremy Creech Richmond, IN Rocket 17.422
12 84 Sam Halstad Newlondon, IA Mastersbilt 17.434
GROUP 2:        
1 111 Max Blair Centerville, PA Rocket 15.720
2 K37 Drew Kennedy Lancing, TN Rocket 15.887
3 95 Steve Mathis Jr. Plant City, FL Barry Wright 16.185
4 41 Travis Varnadore Plant City, FL Barry Wright 16.208
5 45 Kyle McMahon Mount Vernon, IL Kryptonite 16.288
6 007 Dusty Sparkman Micanopy, FL Snow Bros. 16.292
7 2 Todd Hurst Lineville, AL Capital 16.332
8 11h Waylon Haynes Dover, FL Black Diamond 16.471
9 41 Jim Couch Hamilton, OH Rocket 16.485
10 19 Marcus Minga Shannon, MS Rocket 16.562
11 21w Chris Withers Waterford, PA Rocket 16.646
12 66w Deke Waters Cookeville, TN Longhorn 20.477
GROUP 3:        
1 27 Bruce Harvey Plant City, FL Rocket 15.602
2 116 Randy Weaver Crossville, TN CVR 15.812
3 66 Jake Knowles Rome, GA Longhorn 16.142
4 17c Freddie Carpenter Parkersburg, WV Kryptonite 16.175
5 15 Hunter Sweet Lake City, FL Kryptonite 16.215
6 66k Jody Knowles Tyrone, GA Rocket 16.318
7 29 Daniel Woody Plant City, FL Barry Wright 16.355
8 13 Thomas Burnside Tampa, FL Rocket 16.601
9 32 Curtis Glover Runnells, IA Mastersbilt 16.803
10 9 Stephen Nasse Pinellas Park, FL Longhorn 17.849
11 39 Troy Dixon Dallas, GA Rocket 18.019
12 3 Micha McCall Brewton, AL TNT 18.096
GROUP 4:        
1 33 Jeff Mathews Brandon, FL Rocket 15.428
2 38 Jeremy Shaw Millport, AL Barry Wright 15.621
3 10 Joseph Joiner Milton, FL Capital 15.637
4 02 Keith Nosbisch Valrico, FL Rocket 15.940
5 11 Cruz Skinner Oxford, AL Rocket 16.044
6 03c Tanner Cobb Plant City, FL Barry Wright 16.098
7 30 Todd Cooney Pleasant Hill IA Mastersbilt 16.195
8 99t Tyler Riggs New Matamoros, OH Rocket 16.204
9 24 Dennis Lee Williams Zephyrhills, FL Rocket 16.569
10 14c Chuck Bowie Welcome, MD Rocket 16.594
11 38 Jamie Carter Clayhill, FL Barry Wright 16.839


KRC POWER STEERING HEAT RACES (10 Laps – Top 4 Finishers Transfer To Main Event):


               1ST HEAT:  1. D. Dixon; 2. Arthur; 3. Slay; 4. McCarter; 5. Gainey; 6. Harris; 7. D. Shaw; 8. Pearson; 9. Halstead; 10. Rae; 11. Wilson; 12. Creech.


               2ND HEAT:  1. Blair; 2. Varnadore; 3. Mathis; 4. Kennedy; 5. Couch; 6. Sparkman; 7. Withers; 8. Haynes; 9. Minga; 10. McMahon; 11. Waters; 12. Hurst.


               3RD HEAT:  1. Harvey; 2. Weaver; 3. Carpenter; 4. Ja. Knowles; 5. Sweet; 6. Woody; 7. Jo. Knowles; 8. Burnside; 9. McCall; 10. Glover; 11. Nasse; 12. T. Dixon.


               4TH HEAT:  1. J. Shaw; 2. Nosbisch; 3. Mathews; 4. Joiner; 5. Cobb; 6. Bowie; 7. Williams; 8. Carter; 9. Riggs; 10. Cooney; 11. Skinner.


B-MAIN RACES (12 Laps – Top 3 Transfer To Main Event):


               1ST B-MAIN:  1. Harris; 2. Couch; 3. Gainey; 4. D. Shaw; 5. Haynes; 6. Halstead; 7. Pearson; 8. Rae; 9. Minga; 10. Sparkman; 11. McMahon; 12. Creech; 13. Withers; 14. Waters; 15. Wilson DNS; 16. Hurst DNS.


               2ND B-MAIN:  1. Cooney; 2. Woody; 3. Sweet; 4. Bowie; 5. Williams; 6. McCall; 7. Nasse; 8. Glover; 9. Skinner; 10. T. Dixon; 11. Cobb; 12. Jo. Knowles; 13. Burnside; 14. Riggs DNS; 15. Carter DNS.




  1. 71 Pierce McCarter – 438
    2. 11 Cruz Skinner – 436
    3. 116 Randy Weaver – 432
    4. 111 Max Blair – 432
    5. 87 Walker Arthur – 396
    6. 17 Nevin Gainey – 378
    7. 313 Devin Dixon – 348
    8. 6 Clay Harris – 328
    9. 66k Jody Knowles – 324
    10. 66 Jake Knowles – 316
    11. K37 Drew Kennedy – 304
    12. 33 Jeff Mathews – 304
    13. 40b Kyle Bronson – 300
    14. 38 Jamie Carter – 276
    15. 2 Trynt Lloyd – 252



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